Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador

$ 12.00

This is truly one of the fuzziest Tillandsias that exist! Its leaves have hairs that feel like feathers. Tillandisa tectorum is a rare plant, native to the high mountains in the Andes in Ecuador and coastal Peru.

The name “tectorum” comes from the Latin word tectorum which means “roofing.” In their native environment, tectorum Ecuador plants are grown on the roofs of houses in the Andes.  The Ecuador form of the tectorum is one of the more popular and widely known forms.  Unlike many tillandsia species, the tectorum ecuador thrives in areas of low humidity and high sunlight. Their abundance of trichomes make them one of the most drought tolerant air plants.

Because they have so many trichomes, they don’t need the weekly soaks that most air plants require. Instead, these fuzzy little guys like to be misted once a week and need good airflow to keep them happy.


small measures ~2.5" wide / large measures ~5" wide