Tillandsia Balbisiana

The Tillandsia balbisiana air plant is a bulbous air plant that originates from Mexico and Central America. Its silvery green leaves are long and slightly curved in and will grow outwards and drape down as this Tillandsia matures. A more mesic air plant, the Tillandsia balbisiana will prefer more humid conditions and bright indirect light.

We recommend soaking or spraying this air plant regularly, fully wetting the plant, but making sure that no water sits in or against its bulbous base after water as this can cause rot.

When in bloom, the Tillandsia balbisiana air plant will produce a red bloom spike with purple and yellow flowers.


The Tillandisa Balbisiana measures just ~8" tall with a spread of ~4-6" wide.


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Type: Airplant

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