Paperwhite Bulb

$ 5.00

Paperwhite bulbs [in the Narcissus family] are an easy to grow plant that produces wonderfully aromatic blooms after 4-5 weeks of growth with the blooms lasting an additional 3-4 weeks. Can be grown in rocks [or really, supportive material of your choice-we've been seen it done with legos!] or suspended above water.


Keep only the bottom of the bulb submerged in water [less than 1/3] as it's susceptible to rot otherwise, place in very bright indirect light for first few weeks, move to medium indirect light to prolong blooms.

A small amount of rubbing alcohol may be added to the water to slightly stunt growth to prevent stems from becoming too spindly. We recommend a 1/10 ration alcohol to water.

****this listing is for the bulb only